Brand Identity.

Your logo is your identity, and it should be as unique as you are.

It’s usually the first contact a prospective client has with your business, and it can have an enormous impact on how you are perceived by them. A weak or inappropriate logo sends the wrong message right from the start and it can do untold damage to your business. Vanguard Design will work with you to create the perfect identity for your business. We have corporate identity packages to suit almost any budget, and we have experience in almost all sectors of modern commerce.

Here's a small selection of the companies and organisations we have created a unique identity for...

Design Ethos.

Of course, a unique brand identity goes much further than a logo.

While the logo sets the tone, all successful companies follow up with a visual style or identity which is carried across all print media and web communications.

From a business card to a suite of stationery, to a multi-divisional product or service catalogue, a design ethos should be ever-present and instantly recognisable as your own. There should be continuity with everything you produce. Vanguard Design has vast experience in brand creation and re-branding alike. We can help you form the right ethos for your business, develop a style thereon, and implement it across all media. We can create identity packages to suit all styles of business and all budgets.

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